C# program to print label.btw questions S’abonner


Hello, following the help of bartender in their sdk I was able to print in C# windows forms, but now I want to make it more automatic avoiding configuring in the same code,
in other words what I am looking for in my program is to upload a btw file in button and that automatically configures and recognizes in the code the names of the fields and the btw to print,so

1.-once the btw file is uploaded it is possible to transform it into an image or pdf or document that allows it to be indicated in an image to see its design

2.-once the btw file is indicated there is a way or command for it to enter each field name camp from data origin automatically  btFormat.SubStrings["this"]. Value =;  //Example load fruit.btw and automatically btFormat.SubStrings["apple"], load Vegetables and automatically btFormat.SubStrings["lettuce"]

3.-I can block the RFID of a label in C# with bartender SDK?

sorry for so many questions I am a student and I was asked to do this to pass my professional practice

thank you for your attention

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