/PrintJobName="%Trigger File Name%" not working フォローする

Brandon Anderson

I am trying to the commander to print to PDF. I am using Bullzip currently and I have everything working except I cannot get it to rename the print job to anything besides the bartender template file. I can add some options in the Bullzip to add date and time so that I don't get overwriting happen, but I would really like to pass the file name from the trigger file into the file name of the PDF. However I cannot get the Print Job name to change to anything.

I'm trying to use the Bartender command options to create the code for me. After setting my settings this is what the command parameters show.

/AF="E:\BartenderLabels\CycleCountTicketsWPrint.btw" /PRN="Bullzip PDF Printer" /P /D="%Trigger File Name%" /PrintJobName="%Trigger File%"

I've added the additional command parameters /PrintJobName="%Trigger File%" to try and change the Print Job name, but no matter what I use after the equal sign, it doesn't change the print job name. Bullzip will take the Print job name if I can change it, but I can't seem to get that to change. We are using commander 10.1 SR4 and Bartender 10.1 SR4.