GTIN-14 on Bartender 10.1 フォローする

Keaton Roebuck

We've been using V10.1 for almost 4 years without any problems.

However, earlier this week, a customer supplied us with a number of GTIN-14 barcodes, but I can't see anywhere to choose GTIN-14.

I tried ITF-14, but this apprently is not the correct format ance I tried UPC, but this gives a cut down version of GTIN-14.

I see no reference to EAN-14 either, so I'm stumped.


Could anyone offer any advice where I can configure GTIN-14 please

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Shotaro Ito
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Often ITF-14 is refereed as GTIN-14.

Besides that might be UCC/EAN 128 - which now called as GS1-128 with Application Identifier 01.