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Kyle Kennedy

We have operators using Print Station.  They select a document, scan a barcode into query prompt that pulls in a database record that populates most of our data entry controls.

The operator will typically modify a few fields and then print the label.  The operator often needs to print the same label but change the value of a couple of fields.

I am aware of the "Repeat data entry until cancelled" print option - but when enabled it brings up the query prompt after every print operation - which ultimately resets ALL of the fields that they may have previously entered when they re-scan the barcode.

I am aware of the "Remember value for next time" on the data entry controls but it seems like controls that have a datasource (database) attached are not eligible for this checkbox.

Best case - we'd like to see the data entry form stay open with ALL of the values they just used to print so they could make simple adjustments and continue printing that same label until 'Cancel' is clicked.  Can it be done?!

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Wendy Zellers

I also need this functionality.  Was a resolution ever found?

John Cummens

I too am interested if there is a method to do this function.  Would save much time on re-entering data that is shared between a series of prints (e.g. PO#/etc).

Peter Thane



For manual entry fields then the "Remember value for next time" and ""Repeat data entry until cancelled" will work as requested however when you select print (inc the automatic print again)  a database lookup will be carried out  and the value of the linked fields in the database will populate the appropriate label fields even if you have overtyped any of the values.

As it stands I do not think you want to achieve is possible as the database value will override what is typed on the Data Entry Form box the next time a record is chosen.

Not a very good solution but if you add drag the appropriate database fields off the side of the label (so they wont print) but then add new text.embedded data fields, linked to new Data Entry boxes but with the "Remember" enabled as above. At print time the operators would need to copy and paste the contents of the Database field into the matching (new) Data Entry text box and amend as appropriate. These amendments would then be retained until the user replaces them.