Error Picture file not found when printing using Integration フォローする


I am trying to print a bartender document using integration builder. I can print the document using the integration with no external data. When I add external data to the template(picture file,.bmp, or a .txt file) I can print the document with no errors or warnings from bartender. I can print the document in the integration when testing the print action only. When I test the full integration I get the error :

"Print job 'JHTEST_TRN2.btw' did not complete due to the following error: An error occurred or the picture file "L:\6654-38.bmp" was not found.

Picture Object: "Picture 1" 

Not sure what I need to change here or if the problem is with the Integration or the Bartender document.

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Shotaro Ito
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Is "L drive" mapped network drive? Integration run as Windows Service and windows service cannot access to mapped network drive.
Also Integration Service run as SYSTEM user (Local System Account) in default, and that account doesn't have network access rights.

Try either..

- Place picture file to local folder

- Specify picture path as UNC path (\\servername\foldername\6654-38.bmp) and in Integration builder's integration property, specify User Account which has access rights to the network folder.