How to pass data between labels? フォローする

Chris Adaline

We are using Batch Maker to print two labels to two different printers simultaneously (different size stock).  We're generating a serial number that has several components, including a sequential serialized segment.  The two labels need to match (one for the unit and one for the outer box), so we'd like to feed the number generated in one label to the other.  How would we pass data between the labels?  I thought Global Data Fields was the way but it doesn't appear these can be updated; I can't figure out what they're good for.

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Tim van Katwijk

I have the same problem with batch maker.

Would it be possible to share global variables within batch maker?

Maybe even a seperate data form for batchmaker to fill in variables which are then sent to the different templates used in the batch.

Jasper Wen

Currently, using global data fields would be the way to use data between different BarTender documents (.btw files).

However, in the scenario with using global data fields and serialization together mentions in Chris's initial post, it will serialize after printing each BarTender document in the batch. For example, if you wanted to print two BarTender documents in a batch that both use a single global data field to serialize a value, it will serialize the global data field value in the first document and just continue serializing that same value from where it left off in the previous document printed in the batch. Therefore, instead you probably just want to use a normal embedded data type with serialization instead for each BarTender document and use Batch Maker to print them as a batch.

The main benefit of using Batch Maker and global data fields really is using a single data entry form to populate data on more than one BarTender document to print, which seems to be what Tim in the previous post is kind of looking for. You essentially would have the initial BarTender document in the batch setup with a data entry form and controls linked to a global data field. Then, subsequent documents in the batch would use that same global data field and data that was enter from the data entry control.