Serialization - Incremement by the number of days passed since last print job フォローする

Tevin Henderson


For example:

9/12/2017 = 000

9/13//2017 = 001

9/14//2017 =002


Currently, if I was to print a label today (9/12/17) the serial number would be 000

Then say I don't print anything the next day (9/13/2017) but I do print on 9/14/2017. The serial will continue where it left off so I'm left with the following sequence

9/12/2017 = 000

9/13/2017 = no labels printed

9/14/2017 = 001


I need Bartender to count the number of days since last print job and increment the serial based off of that. The 3 digit serial code is tied to the date. Is this possible?


Thank You

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Tevin Henderson

The serial should only change when the date does. So if 5 days have passed since the last print job, the serial should increment by 5

Shotaro Ito

That would be VB Script rather than Serial number.
Try create init date off label and name data source as "INITDATE", then give a start date of the serial.
On serial text, change data source to VB Script Multiline and place script


To apply 3 digit format, you can apply number of characters transform - minimum 3 characters, fill 0 from left, disable warning.