Template data printing in Header section (page template) フォローする

Venkataramana Kondisetti

Hi Friends,

We have created a .btw file which has one template and a page template (to print header information which is constant).

Version of bartender is 2016 R5. 

This integration is deployed on 2 different servers (test & prod) where bartender looks for files in a particular folder. Once it finds a file in that particular directory it prints it to the printer (commander script -- now integrator in 2016) mentioned in the script. The data needs to be printed is in the same script (both header as well as template data).

This works fine on 1 server (test) server but when the same btw file is moved to production server behaves differently and overlaps data of template with the header section even when printing to the same printer.

Any idea why it behaves strangely while it has same data, btw and mapping files same as the other  environment (server). Please advise.