Debugging Integration Builder requires two critical system variable not shown フォローする


It would be helpful if the System Variables for Integration builder included the two most common elements for the Print Action:

  • BarTender Document Path
  • BarTender Document Name


it's impossible to debug the Builder if you use %FileName% wildcards from Event Data and there is an error that prevents the print job from reaching the printer queue. You have no idea if it is because of the file name or the permissions, for example.


RE: BTA 2019R9 

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Peter Thane
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I have not used the document path as variable but I believe these can be done although I have used a variable for the documnet name in the past with the data coming from inside the trigger file itself such as from the this screenshot where the document name was a made up the data in the 3rd and 4th fields in the trigger file being used