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Raul Jimenez


our Bartender version is Automation 2021.

We currently have a working set up such as:
-our ERP sends a JSON with a CSV to the integration
-all records are printed in a local printer

We would like to achieve the same plus:
-creating a PDF identical to what has been printed
-send it via email

Is this possible? Could you point us the ressources where to understand how we can set this up?

Thank you

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Al Perez
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Hi Raul, thanks for posting in our community threads. Please note, 'creating' a PDF entails 'printing' to a PDF format - if you're printing to a local printer and then to a PDF driver, you'd be printing the same job twice. What is the intention of having a second print job and then sending it via email? Could you tell us more about that?

Instead, you could use BTXML to generate a PDF image of the label you've just printed - for more information, see I'm not sure how you could implement that - along with a 'send email' action.

I think to properly give you some answers, you should consider instead opening up a case with Technical Support and then ask to see if you can schedule a consultation with Professional Services; the type of Integration your running, if your license supports it, and the types of actions required are going to matter and it's not an easy answer to give over this thread when I think about this more. You can open a case with support here.

Thanks again!