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hello ppl,

In our bussines, we have an Enterprise license of Bartender Suite 8.01 Build 2179 running over Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition, Service Pack 2.

We are experiencing an error in the commander service, this is what we are getting when we open the GUI.

We follow the instructions at the screen, stop commander, kill all the bartender process, register the bartender, and start the commander service again, this have been working fine, but this issue is becoming more frequently and bartender support our labels at production lines, so this is critical.

I read something in the doc Troubleshooting Commander about Increase non-interactive desktop heap memory limits, i don't know if this will help me with this issue, or is something totally diferent.

What can we do in order to fix or prevent this.

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Alfredosky,
What kind of error is shown? Enable logging features to catch the errors.

Tools > Messages setup > Log file tab > enable Logging
Tools > Task log setup > Log to file

Tools > Message setup > Log file tab > enable Logging

Check what might causes the error.
Would that be format / printer specific?
Check task manager to see if cmdr.exe / cmdrsrv.exe / bartend.exe takes exceptional memory / CPU usage.

I've seen some users periodically restarts commander service from windows task scheduler, by command line
net stop Commander Service
net start Commander Service

The latest [url=""]BarTender 9.4 SR3[/url] (actually in 9.4SR2) introduces many stability fix in Commander, including periodically restart bartender processes, if that's possible, please give that try with trial version.
(at that time create commander task list from scratch, don't import older version.)