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Hi, we're had a couple of old Intermec 3400s with direct IPL printing for many years - more recently bartender commander has been added for another application. Direct IPL and commander ran fine until the 3400s finally died and were replaced by the current equivalent - the Intermec PM4i. The problem is, the 3400 had dip switches to enforce DT/TTR. The newer printers obviously dont have dip switches any more, the problem is:

Bartender/commander seems to reset the printer to factory settings after printing

We can't seem to solve this problem in IPL code, so is there a way to prevent the printer reset in commander?

Any suggestions gratefully received

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Ian Cummings
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Many of the printing preferences for IPL based printers cannot be sent at time of the print job. This means they can only be set at the driver's general printer wide properties or printer's front panel, and that setting stays until changed at a later time or date.

Therefore, I don't see how a print job from BarTender/Commander can be changing something like the print method as a BarTender print job isn't able to change this. Have you perhaps implemented something non-standard where you are sending RAW printer code to the printer in some fashion?