Empty Label Print フォローする


I'm having a strange issue lately where a certain task prints a blank label as result.
When I use the same data file as a database file in Bartender, the print is perfect. (problem printer with Commander)
When I use the same data file but change to another printer name manually, the print is perfect. (Trough Commander)
When the file is rooted trough Commander for the specific printer, the output is a blank label.

Anyone experienced this problem before?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi, I recently have had a problem where some of my BTW templates where the font is set to a native printer font rather than a true type font, prints a blank label. When we switch the font to truetype it works fine. I have to save the BTW as a new file though as I cannot update the original. I'm the network admin and have permissions to edit these objects. We are on Server 2008 SBS domain. Bartender is installed on a 2008 std terminal server. We are using the latest version of Bartender. Sure would like to know why we are having such trouble. We can rebuild the labels and the new ones work with truetype but why did the originals quit last Wednesday (Apr 18, 2012).