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We are using Commander to print labels from SAP using an IDoc for the data and a trigger file -- with Commander monitoring a directory for these files.  The problem we are seeing is that sometimes the trigger file is written to the directory before the IDoc is and when Commander tries to print the label an error occurs because the IDoc that it's looking for is not there yet.  


Is there any way to have Command continue to look for the IDoc until it shows up?  I have the task in Commander set up as "Detection Method" = Polling and the "Polling Interval" set to 5 seconds, but sometimes it takes up to a minute for the IDoc to show up, and since this only happens a few times a day I don't want to set it to wait for a full minute for every label that is printed..


I know this is not an issue with Commander, but an issue with our network/SAP, but until we determine what the issue is I was hoping for a simple fix on Commander's end.




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Domingo Rodriguez
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I believe your best bet is that the Idoc file is there before (or at the same time as) the trigger file is sent. Alternatively, you could create two tasks in Commander, one which polls every 5 seconds, the other one every 60. However, this might end-up having you print duplicate labels, so the best solution is to solve your SAP network issue.