Commander Keeps Reverting To Run Bartender Under Specific Account フォローする


We are having a problem with running Commander as a service at a client location. Every time the computer is restarted Commander runs BarTender under a specified account. This is causing us troubles since after a group policy change we cannot use this account anymore. Because of this occasionally we get a call from the client with the message that they can't print. Going in to Commander -> BarTender Commander Handler Setup we can then see that  the checkbox is again check and the username has returned.


What can we do to stop this happening?



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Domingo Rodriguez
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The "Run BarTender under specified account" checkbox is saved as part of the task list (.tl) file. Do you've the same problem in creating a new task list file and then creating a task with the exact same "Trigger" and "Command" settings as the original trigger file?