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We have 10 or so warehouses with about 20-25 total labels that go on pallets sent to specific customers (each label is generally used by multiple warehouses).


We currently have a database that these labels pull data from. The database consolidates relevant information from several of our internal systems.


Soon we will be migrating to SAP as our one system of record of all of this information and are looking to eliminate this extra database we created.


It seems that to integrate Bartender with SAP we will likely need SAP to spit out idoc files for an order and have Commander scan for them and print a label when needed. This allows us to trigger the labels directly out of SAP and avoid requiring users to launch Bartender at all (it will simply run silently on some server somewhere).


My concern is in distinguishing labels and printers in Commander tasks. Lets say we have our 10 warehouses, each with at least 2 printers on average, and 20 total labels.


Will i have to make a separate Commander trigger to handle each of these combinations? Have a different watch folder for each label and printer combination, with a trigger hard coded to a specific label/printer as well?




Watch folder: c:\watch\printer123\companyabc\ -> when file found, print companyabc label to printer123.


Watch folder: c:\watch\printer456\companydef\ -> when file found, print companydef label to printer456

etc...100+ times


Is there a better way to handle integrating with SAP? Preferably with no custom SDK development, ideally we want to be entirely using out of the box techniques. We arent' tied to Commander, it was just featured most prominently in the SAP white paper.


Thank you!

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Ian Cummings
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I would avoid the use of iDocs for data transfer if possible, because as you are finding, it gives you no possibility to dynamically specify BarTender document and/or printer in the trigger.  Using Commander there are two possibilities available, either use Commander script that prefixes print job variable commands in front of simple delimited data, or go the XML route where SAP generates XML transaction files/streams (SAP AII?), which Commander could then transform into BarTender XML script in order to then produce the BarTender print jobs.  See the below white papers for more information: