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We want to be able to use an echo string as a trigger over tcp and have labels print from bartender.  We can manually print from Bartender without issue.  Commander is listening on port 5170 but doesn't appear to receive.  Are there any example of this in use that we can use as a guide?  

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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We don't have any prebuilt examples of a Commander task list using TCP/IP triggers, but we could certainly take a look at your files and test them to see what might be going on.


Please send your Commander task list (tl. file), your BarTender document (.btw file) and and example of what is sent through the TCP/IP  port to the closes support office. Following the below link you'll find our contact details:


*Also please include in your email your your support number as displayed in BarTender's "Help>About..." dialog.