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Hi All,

We have had our Windows 2003 Bartender Ver 9.4 running through commader using BTXML for a few years. We switched to a new Win 2008 R2 and while I can import the BTXML through Bartender (I also installed the trail upgrade to see if it was a ver difference) Commander will not print it.  It does look like it sends it to the print spooler as the job is in the sys tray, but never prints just sits there.


My guess? .. a service is turned off when set up, I know print spooler service was off, but I do have it on now.  Any advice on what it could be? Do you have a list of services that I should check to make sure are running?  Commander is running as  aservice and seems to be functioning fine, until it hits the spool. But Bartender itself importing the same BTXML file prints without issue.




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Domingo Rodriguez
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A good way of testing this is to set Commander to run as an application rather than as a service. You normally find this option under the "Administer > Service Setup" dialog in Commander. You then start detection in Commander and immediately after you access the "Detection" Menu and now select "Show all Running BarTenders". This will make the BarTender process being spawned by Commander visible.


Once this has been done, send now the XML Script trigger file and check what occurs in BarTender. Do you see any error message? Does the print job print now?


If you've further problems, please use the "More Reply Options" button when replying to include the BarTender document (.btw), the XML Script trigger file and the Commander task list (.tl)