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Dear All,


We have a machine reboot scheduled in scheduler task which runs everyday at a specific time and another task to launch the commander so that it will automatically pick the tasks from the .tl file saved in the local drive of the computer. The first 2 days it was successful wherein after the automatic reboot commander launched and tasks picked up and started printing the label.


From couple of days we are facing issues like after reboot the commander is getting launched but it showing the task list as null. And the stratup and general option is getting changed everyday after reboot.


We have mentioned in startup as below - 


 Task list - Open specified file

 name - D:\ <.tl file name>

 Detection - Start

 Window State - Restore Last Date 


However after the scheduled reboot the setting is automatically getting changed to - 


Task list - Open used tasklist

 name - Diasbled(none)

 Detection - Restore Last State

 Window State - Restore Last State 


So in this case we have to manually select the task file from the local drive and click on start detection. Please help us to get rid of this manual activity. Thanks a lot in advance,




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What version and edition of BarTender are you using?