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We print about 300 labels a day.  Of those about about 1-5% of these do not print. (about 3-15 a day)

Commander log shows them as printed and has renamed the file.

I can then rename the file that did not print to the trigger name and it will then print.


After trying many things I believe commander – is renaming the
file before bartender has read it and printed it.


Is there a way to delay the commander renaming the file?


In your documentation you changed the locking process (see
below) – I wonder if changing this to lock the file again might help  - Is
there a way to turn on Commander's file-locking scheme?
  _ as I am
using windows.


"Unfortunately, it was recently learned that this
Windows-based file-locking methodology was not compatible with some non-Windows
file servers.  Because it is common to have non-Windows file servers and
NOT common to have multiple instances of Commander scanning the same folder,
SR2 now turns off Commander's file-locking scheme by default."




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Ian Cummings
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When Commander detects the trigger file it will rename it, assuming that is what you've specified in the task.  The task would then normally issue some sort of command, such as a BarTender command, in order to produce a print job that contains the transactional data.  Therefore, BarTender only gets to read the file until after it has already been renamed by Commander -- this is by design.


The trigger file lock concerns the period of time when Commander detects the file, but is unable to access the file because the system creating the file still has it open and is possibly still writing to it.  The timeout indicates how long Commander will wait for the file to become available before it will ignore it.


Are the trigger files being created on a network and/or a non-Windows file system?  If so try the polling detection method instead.


If you're still stuck, please send specific details about your exact implementation.


The Commander trouble shooter should also prove helpful: