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I am passing Commander a 2D barcode and it is failing for invalid characters. I would assume it is because the control characters. I can copy and paste the same data into the "Sample" data in the btw file and it recognizes the control characters just fine. Is there a way I can get this to work?


This is what the raw data looks like. Between the pipes.

|[)>010260563840016374459665020201FDE0605069141181/14.0LBN5 W Ferry RdNapervilleIL 0610ZED00511ZTim B12Z630416530031Z100189174421000605630063744596650232Z15Z61014220Z0.00100.0KDARTON1-999911111-C01208289526Z45a6|


If I copy that into the "Sample Data" of my barcode Bartender can see the conrtol characters and change it to this, properly.

[)>«RS»01«GS»0260563«GS»840«GS»01«GS»6374459665020201«GS»FDE«GS»060506914«GS»118«GS»«GS»1/1«GS»4.0LB«GS»N«GS»5 W Ferry Rd«GS»Naperville«GS»IL«GS» «RS»06«GS»10ZED005«GS»11ZTim B«GS»12Z6304165300«GS»31Z1001891744210006056300637445966502«GS»32Z«GS»15Z610142«GS»20Z0.00«FS»100.0«GS»KDARTON1-999911111-C012082895«GS»26Z45a6

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Ian Cummings
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Make sure the data file encoding options in the Commander task and BarTender database setup dialog are set correctly so that you don't lose the control character data.