Task To Automatically Stop/start Detection Every 24 Hours? フォローする


I would like to setup a Commander task that will automatically stop and start detection every 24 hours.

If any jobs are still processing when the stop is initiated, I want to stop processing the jobs and then start detection again.


Is this possible?

If so, how can I achieve this?



PS: I'm running Commander as a system service if that makes any difference.




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Shotaro Ito
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Restarting Commander service would restart detection and restart all bartend.exe processes.

From Tools > General options > Startup, set Commander to load last task used and revert last detection state (default)


Run this batch file from Windows Task scheduler by SYSTEM user daily.

It would wait a while until current job has finished, however not sure when the task is processing many triggers in queue,

so I would stop sending new trigger before 1 min of restart etc.

net stop "Commander Service"
REM --- Do whatever you want while detection is stop
net start "Commander Service"