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Hi, I´m trying to setup a solution were a label is printed out as a pdf file and stored on a network drive. What I have done is installing a Bullzip pdf printer and changed the option so when printing to it - it will save the file to the network share and this works as intended.


I´ve tried printing to the Bullzip pdf printer from notepad and a sample label from Bartender and everything is fine. The files gets saved to the network share without problems.


The problem is that when I execute a print command through Commander (10.1. SR4) I can see the print job being sent to the Bullzip printer but it does not appear on the network share. Changing the Bullzip options back to default, I dont get any dialog boxes like when printing from Notepad i.e. so it looks like that even if the print job appears in the Bullzip print queue, it does somehow not reach the Bullzip interface and nothing happens.


Is anyone familiar with how to get Commander to print to a pdf printer like Bullzip in the same way as Bartender does ?

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Ian Cummings
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Normally setting the command line option /PrintJobName=<printer job name> sets the PDF's file name which is what it's getting hung up on now.