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Hi All,

       Currently i have a ASP.NET application from there i am printing to the printers which connected to server. 
I have a new requirement like i need to print in the printer which connected to client machine. Recently i came to know that in bartender 2016 there is a feature called "Print portal"  offers the same. but the problem is that Print portal is a separate application  my requirement is i need to use client printer in my application.

So how to integrate print portal in my application?

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Ian Cummings
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In the BarTender 2016 SDK there is an example web application that offers the print method that you're after.  I suggest you take a look and fork for your own requirements.  Alas it is not yet fully documented, but that might be remedied by the upcoming R2 release.  The are lots of comments though in the code itself.