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After setting up user permissions in security center, I realized that I no longer had permission to run any bartender applications. Upon further investigation in security center I realized that all effective permissions showed as disallowed for all users and groups except for one certain group. Even though permissions were set in the checkboxes, nothing was allowed according to the effective permissions window. This issue also prevents login override from working correctly. It will still ask for secondary credentials, but it just ignores them.

I was able to reproduce this behavior with another similar group, but I am uncertain how these are different than other groups. The only attributes I've been able to narrow it down to is that these groups are both universal security groups. I haven't had the issue yet with any global security groups. However, there are other universal security groups that can be added without producing this issue.

Any ideas?

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Ian Cummings
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I hope this explanation of the allow/deny settings helps you to figure it out.

Although it seems that you have a binary choice of allow or deny, it is in fact a tri-state option. The options are allow, deny, or nothing is selected.

When a user is a member of a group that is denied a permission, then that permission is denied to the user even if there are separate permissions just for this user that explicitly allow the action.

When a group allows the action, but the member denies it, then that action is denied just for that user from the group.

When both the group and the user have nothing selected for the action then the action is in effect denied.

When either the group or the user, or both, explicitly allow the action, with no deny permission set in either the user or group, then the action will be allowed.

Therefore for groups, only specify a deny permission when you explicitly wish to do so leaving all other action options to allowed or blank as required.

Check the effective permissions of the user/group by right clicking it in the list and selecting the “Effective Permissions” option.