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Have a question that I'm hoping someone can answer for me...

When you create a new BarTender System Database using the wizard, there's a screen that says "Allow other machines to connect to this database". Lets say I decided to keep it local when I installed it.

Now, however, I want to be able to connect to it remotely. Is there a way to change this setting once the database is already set up? I don't want to have to install another database if I don't have to.


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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Jim,
That is SQL Sever's setting.

See How to configure SQL Server 2005 to allow remote connections

Basically, from Surface Area Configuratoion tool,
1. Enable Remote connection (Using Both TCP/IP and Named pipes) then Restart SQL Server
2. Enable and Start SQL Server browser service

Note that Connect / Logging to System database on remote SQL Server is only available on Enterprise Automation (Enterprise Print Server) edition.

Hope that helps!