List Barcodes On A Single Label フォローする

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I am using Bartender 10.1 & relatively new to it. I have created a data entry form, but part of the form is to list 8-10 serial numbers. The idea being that on the label a partnumber will then list all the associated serial numbers. This is all relatively straight forward, I have added a List control text entry on the form. But when printing the barcodes are in a line, so I can fit about 1.5 barcodes before it goes off the end of the label.


So I wanted to ask if anyone knows how I can get the barcodes to print in two columns of 4-5 going down the one label (in portrait). I have gone through some of the setups of the format, but there doesn't appear to be anything obvious to allow me to do this.


I've attached a screen shot of what I'm trying to achieve. Any help would be great appreciated.


Thank you