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Whether we choose to print a single label or a batch, label 1 on page 1 does not print. We are using the Trial International Automation version, v10.0 SR4 2868. Also, the Bartender Print Wizard does not appear to allow us to select the starting label. Thx!

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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1. When you say that it doesn't print, is a blank label coming out or is it simply missing?


2. Are your printing using data from a database? Or any other dynamic data (such as serialization)?


3. Are you printing several labels per page and only the first one is the one missing (for each page)?


4. What exactly do you mean with "Print Wizard"? Are you referring to the Print Preview?


5. Could you attach to this forum issue a BarTender document (.btw file) reproducing your issue?