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We are currently testing BarTender as part of a POC for some of our downtime label needs and are extremely new to all of it's features and functions


I have created a form that will allow the staff member to enter the required information, in some cases we'll need to print a single copy of a label, in other cases it will need to be multiple copies of the same label. 


So my first question is can I present the form to the staff member without installing bar tender?


Followed by - how do I actually open my form just for printing use in general?



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Ian Cummings
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The BarTender Designer application, and thus its print engine, is needed in order to ultimately print the labels.  Therefore, yes, you will need to install BarTender Designer at each workstation.  However, for print operators, it makes  sense for them to use the Print Station companion application as this simply focuses the user on the process of label selection, data entry, and printing.  Print operators therefore would only interact with Print Station, and not use at all the BarTender Designer application itself.