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I'm trying to get Commander to print a label, using an IDoc as a trigger file, to a printer designated at run time, as well as the number of copies, and label file to use if possible.

Using your example white paper [url=]here[/url] I'm able get the label to print successfully using an IDoc as the trigger file by following example #4, but the number of copies, destination printer, and label to use is all hard-coded in the task. I would like to be able to control those aspects of the print job at print time (just like a Commander script of "%BTW% /AF=c:\command\command.btw /D=%Trigger File Name% /PRN="EasyCoder F4 (203 dpi)" /R=3 /P /DD" would allow). Is this possible with using an IDoc?

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Michael Toupin (mtoupin
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To configure Commander to work with an IDoc and Commander script, you have to pass two files, instead of the single one that you do when using a text file. One of the two files is your IDoc document, the other is a text file containing your script for processing.

Using your Commander script example of:
/AF=c:\command\command.btw /D=%Trigger File Name% /PRN="EasyCoder F4 (203 dpi)" /R=3 /P /DD

The way to make this work with an IDoc is to simply change the database reference type from a text file to an IDoc file, in effect just changing the /D to a /IDOC and specify the filename of the IDoc, so the necessary change to your example would just be:
/AF=c:\command\command.btw /IDOC="FILENAME" /PRN="EasyCoder F4 (203 dpi)" /R=3 /P /DD

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Excellent! Thanks Mike, it works perfect.