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Commander operating as Application performs perfect, but when I changed to operate as Service, it appears it has processed, but no output. In the BTmsg.txt log file, the following appears when executing as service:

3704 Error Printer OK There is an error in the Page Setup dialog. Please fix the problem and try again.

Commander as application provides the following:

1750 Information Printing OK BarTender successfully sent the print job to the spooler. Job Name: braskem_bin.BTW Label Format: braskem_bin.BTW Printer: Neal

I can access Bartender directly and open INPUT file and process and print with no errors.

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Susan Chen
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Hi, Braskem:

For commander application work OK no problems but commander service does not work issues, it is very possible due to the user permission issues.

1)Can you give it a try to go to Window : Start -> execute-> type services.msc-> Look for Commander Service, right click on properties-> Logon Tab and select "this accout" put in the user name and password who has permissions to access to any printer(s) that will be used, the trigger folder, the task list, and the BarTender documents that will be printed. If the user account does not have write-access to one or more of these, your items may not print.(Default user is local system account which does not have permission to share printer and folder.

2) Verify that all paths to network drives are specified using Universal Naming Convention (UNC) paths. Commander does not support the use of mapped letter drives

Hope it helps. If you still encounter problems, please send your commander *tl file, Bartender *.btw, trigger file to local regional support for further assistance.