Decide What Printer And Layout To Use In The Triggerfile フォローする


I am fairly new to the commander functions and i think i need some help.

I have a simple .txt file as a trigger file, the file consist of some semicolon seperated "datafields" with information that i want to use when printing the labels, so fare so god :)
But i have the information about which printer and layout to use in two of the fields and i want to use this information to select printer and layout, how do i do this in the simplest way?
Please note that i am not able to include a script in the triggerfile, is there an other way to do this?

Thank for your help!
Br // B_Tender

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Ian Cummings
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Currently we don't support the use of printer or label format name as a field in the data record.

However, using a recent version of the Enterprise Automation edition you would set the first command to transform the trigger with a series of "Actions", the end result being to prefix Commander Script commands before the data using the printer and format names. The second command would save the transformed trigger to file. The third command would run a Commander script command on the saved, transformed trigger in order to print it.