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I'm currently having commander pick up this file.


%BTW% /AF="C:\NetPrint\PackLabel.btw" /PRN="\\printserver\QL320" /P /D="<Trigger File Name>" /C=1/R=3
0090#54299-05-LF|SB00019213|711111|A{3}|40132|13001322|Box Qty 5|Total Qty 20


Everything prints as it should and works great.


I was wondering, would it be possible to have Bartender display the number of labels that are being printed and on each label have the label number displayed (e.g., 1 of 10).

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Domingo Rodriguez
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In BarTender's template design view, on the left pane, you can see the "Components" toolbox. If you now choose "Samples > Serialization", you can drag & drop the "Label X of Y" sample onto your template. The sample is counting the number of serial copies to be printed. This amount is defined in BarTender under the "File > Print > Serial Numbers" field and can be specified as well in your trigger file by using the /S parameter.