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Hello Bartender Help,


I have been trying to set up a file trigger in commander to poll an email address I set up to no avail. Every time I run the test, I get a failure message. The process is seemingly very straight forward though I don't know why I cannot get this file trigger to work. Could someone advise me on what might be going wrong so that I can troubleshoot this connection? I have tried creating this file trigger with both hotmail and gmail accounts.


Gmail settings:

timeout: 90s



timeout: 90s


One thing I've a question about is the fields 'E-mail Address' and 'User Name'. Do these fields both require cause that is how I have entered the information. Our log in usernames must contains the domain.


I have spent entirely too much time on this. Any and all help is very much appreciated.

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Fernando Ramos Miracle
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Hello Jaysen,


I'm afraid that Commander doesn't support Gmail's SSL security (Gmail added this type of security to all their email accounts since December 2012). We hope to add this feature in order to use this sort of email security in future releases, although at the moment I don't know when or even if this feature will be included.


I'll add a hit to our feature request on your behalf.