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I am having some techical difficulties with Data Entry Templates (due mostly to ignorance).

Here's the steps:


Open a Label.btw with a Data Entry Template in either Print Station or via the File, Print in BarTender

Print Window opens with a dialog for how many copies

Click Print

Print Wizard Data Entry Form Opens

Enter Data

Click Print


What I would like to do is fully automate a document that will print via remote scan.


Open Label.btw

Automagically click Print in the Print Window

Enter Data

After last Data Entry, Automagically Click Print again



I just cannot figure out how to get events to trigger inside the Print Wizard Data Entry Form!

Bartender 10.0



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Please note that Commander is designed to automate the printing of your labels, then the idea is work with BarTender as background without opening any Form or window.


If you want to fill out a Form automatically, in Bartender "File" menu > "Print" item > "Options" tab you will finde the option "Repeat Data Entry until cancelled".


Also if you want you have our BarTender application Print Station


Many thanks,