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I am testing using the commander product to print labels.  When I print the bartender label from the bartender application, I receive a single page.  When I use the command prompt to print the label I receive a single page.  When I use the commander script and place a file in the directory , I receive 3 pages.  the command appears to be ignoring the page setup. I have simplified this to three columns with limited data and am unable to determine what could be causing this.


 Is there something in the commander that would cause this to occur?



%BTW% /run /x /P /C=1 /r=1 /PRN=RSMPRN03 /D="\\SLTEST2\BRTNDR\InProcess\1_Items1X3_20140318T080052053.dat" /F="\\SLTEST2\BRTNDR\Labels\Items1X3.btw" /DD

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Ian Cummings
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1. We would need to see a copy of the BarTender document, can you attach an example.  Also, what make and model of printer are you printing to?


2. You should formulate your Command script to be something like below:


%BTW% /AF="\\SLTEST2\BRTNDR\Labels\Items1X3.btw" /D="%Trigger File Name%" /PRN="RSMPRN03" /R=3 /DD /C=1 /P 
*Note the use of the "%Trigger File Name%" Commander variable in particular.  This should appear in the Commander script exactly as I have written it.
3. I suggest you take a look at the below white paper to aid you: