Commander Doesnt Print Labels フォローする


Hi Guys,


we are setting up a new enviroment with Bartender 10 and SAP


We have 2 servers

one Bartender

one SAP


Sap drops files in a folder on the server then commander pics the files and should print.

i can see the files changing in the drop folder and i can see the commander task printing.

however nothing comes out with my new label i created.

with an old label i tested and it worked  on the datamax printer but not on the zebra printer.


below is working on datamax but not on zebra


[Task Name] CSV
[Date/Time] 19/03/2014 15:40:18
[BarTender Command] Command Handler: BarTender1 - C:\PROGRA~2\Seagull\BARTEN~1\BarTend.exe /AF="\\SAPServer\EXPORT\BARTENDER\FORMATS\HU_label3.BTW" /PRN="\\bartenderserver\beiepp022" /R=3 /P /D="\\sapserver\Export\Bartender\scan\test1(9)(12).dat" /CLOSE /C=1


below is not working on any printer


[Task Name] CSV
[Date/Time] 19/03/2014 15:59:15
[BarTender Command] Command Handler: BarTender1 - C:\PROGRA~2\Seagull\BARTEN~1\BarTend.exe /AF="\\SAPserver\EXPORT\BARTENDER\FORMATS\HU_pidy.BTW" /PRN="\\Bartenderserver\beiepp022" /R=3 /P /D="\\sapserver\Export\Bartender\scan\test1(9)(14).dat" /CLOSE /C=1


i cant see any error's


Droped files content


%BTW% /AF="\\sapserver\EXPORT\BARTENDER\FORMATS\HU_label3" /PRN="\\bartenderserver\beiepp022" /R=3 /P /D="%Trigger File Name%" /CLOSE /C=1
00335289600000132626;;0000012620;C60110;820.50.075JS;192.000;KAR;2013482025;20141129;20131129;75 PROFITEROLES AB JSTESTEN);;;;;000000;;;20131129;P120;;3000;Finished goods;;;000000;;;75.

the content is one one line separeted with ;

when i just change the hu_label_btw to hu_pidy.btw it doesnt work on any printer with hu_label3.btw it works on the datamax


can anyone help please im searching all day and cant find a solution





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Domingo Rodriguez
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What exact Edition, version and build of BarTender is in use?


What printer driver (and version) have you installed for the Zebra printer?


How is the Zebra printer connected? Locally (LPT, USB, COM) to the PC where Commander is running, via its internal network card...?


The best way to diagnose these issues is that you first set Commander to run as an application (do this via the "Administer > Service Setup" dialog), now start detection, and before sending the trigger file access the "Detection" Menu and choose "Show all running BarTenders". The underlying BarTender process should now be visible. Send the trigger file now and observe what occurs. Does the BT document open, do you see any error message in BarTender, does it print?