Problem Not Printing Right Charaters フォローする


Hi guys,


we have a problem here batender is not printing strange charaters.


we made label with arial font


but now when we have text with "é" in it lik Bouchées   it types strange letter on the é.


we narowed it down to the files type.


our sap application drops a text file with encoding type utf-8 without BOM.

that file gives errors on some text.


when we change the same file to encoding utf-8 we dont have problems.


is there a way to adjust this in bartender or commander so it reads utf-8 without bom ?


Kind Regards,




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Ian Cummings
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The text encoding can be changed both in the task properties of the Commander task, and in the database setup properties of the BarTender document.  The latter is the most relevant here.  If none of the available encodings work for you then I suggest you make use of the regular UTF-8.