Trigger File: How Many Characters Label Data Can Contain? フォローする



I have to setup a big label that contains a lot of data fields.

My questionn is: in the trigger file how many characters can I write as data fields?




Attached find a sample trigger file that I will upgrade with new data fields.



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Domingo Rodriguez
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Could you attach the heavier trigger file, the one you're planing to update with the new data fields? How many database records do you plan to print?


In terms of limitations of a CSV file itself, this depends on the operating system and probably as well on the file system being used. I've also seen other customers making use of much larger trigger files than the one you've attached to this topic. You would probably first reach a limit in the amount of characters which can fit in your label than reaching any limit on the number of characters BarTender can read from this CSV file. 


I suggest that you give it a try with the updated trigger file that you plan to print, and then, if problems, report the problem back.