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I am using the "Commander" processor as connected to Bartender 10.1.  I am printing fairly small labels (3" wide by 4" long) single tear off
(perforated fanfold stock in an Intermec printer) and in order to make those "single print", I have to use printer driver commands to "roll
back" the stock before printing each label. This works fine when printing from within Bartender.

However when I use Commander to generate print jobs (single label or batches), I can't see how to embed
those printer roll back codes into the Commander Trigger file, so each label is not aligned the same on the paper.


When I print directly from Bartender, the printer driver controls the rollback correctly.

Here is an example of the trigger file I am using. Any help you can offer on how to cause the printer to run batches correctly would be very


%BTW% /AF=c:\Badge_Template\TUGS_Badges.btw /D=%Trigger File Name% /PRN="Printer1" /R=3 /P /DD
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Ian Cummings
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You should make the setting in the printer driver.  Depending on the make, model, and print language of the Intermec printer in use, this is done via the "Print" dialog of BarTender clicking either the "Document Properties" or "Printer properties" button.  You should need to issue separate printer commands to get this action to execute.  If done via document properties under the "Stock" tab, be sure to save the document first before closing as the setting is document specific.  If done via the general printer settings then the setting is good for that printer instance in general.