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Hi all,


I currently have 2 tasks in Commander which work with SAP. My SAP transaction creates a ASSEMBLY2.txt file with product info in, places the file in a network folder on our Bartender Server, which commander monitors, then prints to a networked printer.


I am trying to add a 3rd task, using a mirror of the working SAP transaction, which places the new Code128.txt file in the same folder as the current working tasks. It should then act in the same way as the above transactions.


However, in the new Commander task, SAP creates the file correctly, places it in the correct folder, the Commander count goes up so Commander is receiving the file, however, nothing prints.


My working & non-working transactions are attached.


The tasks use the same bartender template (just with a different name) and all other options between the working & non-working tasks are the same.


The only difference is the printers in the tasks, the working transaction uses a printer with an IP address, whereas the non-working task uses a shared printer, however, even when using the IP printer for the non-working transaction, nothing prints


Any ideas? I understand this is quite vague!



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Ian Cummings
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The text files you provide doesn't really tell me what might be going wrong.  There is nothing invalid per se with commands specified in the non-working commands.  Instead I suggest you configure Commander to run as an application and make the BarTender process visible in order to more easily figure out what might be going wrong.  See the trouble shooter for guidance:


One thing to check.  Make sure the Commander service is logging on with a user account that has permission to print to the shared network printer connection that the Citizen printer is installed upon.  The lack of printing could be for straight forward lack of permission reasons.