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I'm investigating a modification to my labeling processes to more efficiently manage both transaction processing within my ERP system as well as label printing for articles produced in my manufacturing process. My current concept of what I'd like to do involves the use of set of physical go/no go buttons installed in each of 16 work cells. EE's producing product would press a green or red button (green for good product, red for bad) which would trigger a series of macro events within my MS Access based ERP system to facilitate incremental production transactions and label printing (in the case of good product only). 


I presently use a secondary process to print labels based on a prompted query through ODBC that populates a simple label template with the applicable data strings out of defined tables within the database. The new structure would still require pulling data from the same tables, but would also include an operator ID and time stamp based on which go button was pushed and when.


First off, is there any sort of turn-key solution for a physical trigger button on the market that can be easily implemented with Access and/or Bartender to facilitate the trigger functionality to initiate the macros and subsequent trigger file creation and/or processing? Is there a better way to trigger printing after production activity is recorded? Lastly, but probably most importantly, is this concept at least generally speaking in any way workable with this kind of system in place (i.e. Access, ODBC/JET, Bartender EA 10.1)?





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Ian Cummings
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You can automate the use of BarTender via your Access database forms using the .NET or COM automation interface.  See the below white papers:


Not able to help you on the physical button idea, but I'm sure there is something out there that could be turned to this usage.