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One of my Commander tasks is intermittently generating labels rotated 90 degrees.  It starts happening to all printers at once.  Stopping and starting detection seems to clear the issue.  My only recourse for now is to restart the handler after every trigger.


Attached is an example of the trigger file and template.  I would expect this to be a template issue, but the odd part is we recently migrated servers and this is a direct copy of the same template that had no issues before.  There's really not a lot to mess up Commander-wise, so I'm kind of stumped.  Thoughts?



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Ian Cummings
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This has probably more to do with the BarTender command handler configuration in Commander.  Make sure that it inherits the user account from the Commander service rather than specify one in the handler.  Consider increasing the  heap memory for each process; if it is at 512 KB try 1024 KB instead.


Maybe closing the document used after each print job might be a better workaround to whatever the issue is rather than killing the entire BarTender process,  This will at least force a reopening of the document from file, rather than use a cached document whose page set-up might in some way have become corrupted.