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I'm using the trigger file to hold a string that BarTender uses for searching a field in an XLS file.  BarTender then prints a label containing the contents of the record that was found.  Pretty normal things.


I now need to be able to tell BarTender to print multiple labels, sometimes.  There will be cases where I only need one label, there will be cases where I will need multiple copies of that same label.  Is there a command that I can add into the trigger file that BarTender can use to print multiple copies?


I 'could' send the trigger file multiple times, but because of the scan time for the Integration, and other logistics, that isn't going to be practical.

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Ian Cummings
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You can use BTXML or Commander Script (AKA: Print Command Script) to accomplish this task.  Both are detailed in the BarTender Help system.