Integration Service High Cpu フォローする


Dear all,


Two weeks ago we had the issue that our integrations were not executed correctly. We discovered that CPU usage was 100%.

We got this solved by adding more CPU power. At that moment CPU usage went down from 100% to 50%.


Today I noticed that CPU usage as again higer and higer. Currently it's 85%. See Screenshot

It looks lie it is growing day by day


Rebooting server or stopping Starting Integration Services doesn't help.


Version: BarTender 2016 R1 (Enterprise Automation)

Database: Local database (Enterprise Edition)


FYI: We currently have also a problem that the DB maintenance is not running.

Easy time I want to start a maintenance task I get the message that a task is already running.


Any idea?


Many thanks in advance, Robert

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We were able to lower the CPU, by changing the polling setting from Immediate to 1 second.