Select Multiple Records By Query フォローする

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Hi, I am trying to print several records from a database in one print run. There are too many entries in the database to make the "Select Records" dialogue practical, and the records I want to print are not sequential, so I can't specify a range of records to print. For instance, I have part numbers A through Z in the database, and I want to be able to print B, D, Q, T, F, and R.

Here is what I have tried so far:
[*]Set up a connection to Database(SQL) and IDLookup(access), with IDLookup containing a list of the part numbers I want to print in that run.
[*]Set up the join as Left Table - Database, Left Field - ID, =, Right Table - IDLookup, Right Field - IDLookup.ID
[*]Set up the query for Database as Database.ID = IDLookup.ID

When I go to the Browse tab, though, nothing shows up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.