Label: Pallet Count & Carton Count フォローする

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One of our suppliers is requesting to have the pallet & carton count on their labels. Our IDOC DELVRY05 currently does not have a segment containing the sum of all the E1EDL24-LGMNG. The only sum within the IDOC is the E1EDL20-ANZPK and this field is the total of handling units – which in this case would be the total of the pallets and not the units ordered (cases).

Could I create a VB Script in BarTender to perform the calculation from the IDOC segment E1EDL24 to satisfy this requirement? If so, what would the VB Script look like? I have included an attachment of the Label Specs.

[attachment=356:Home Depot UCC-128 and ITF-14 Label Guide (2).doc]