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I am printing barcode labels onto slit stock using a Zebra 110Xi4 label printer.
The Seagull drivers for this printer are installed and selected under Windows 7 and BarTender Professional.
The label stock is 2off 20x10mm labels wide and each label is slit giving 4 off 10x10mm labels across the width; each of which takes an incremented 2D barcode with human readable portion plus a small text field holding a stock identifier. This is not the smallest the printer can handle but is the smallest our equipment can reliably read.
The problem I am experiencing is that on the leftmost label in the white area adjacent to the top left of the bar code I am getting what appears to be a repeat of the human readable part of the barcode very small to the point of needing a magnifier to read it. It is only in this one position.
I have moved visible items on the design out the way and tried a blanket select in the area in case it is a feature reduced in size to the point of invisibility, with no luck.
Does anyone have any ideas please?

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Wow I can't believe someone else finally saw something like this.

I was getting this on a Zebra Z4M (but have seen it on a few other Zebras as well). I was using a format that has been in use for years here, just was on a new PC.

Anyway, I think I found that messing with the performance tab on the print dialog helped. I can't remember if it was the checkoff "Allow Static Objects" or one of the other two - but I do remember that unchecking one of them seemed to resolve the mystery text.