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We have a bunch of 12" labels that are "wraps" set up in the system. The way we do them is to create a 6" label and have it print a second column that is a duplicate of the first and set the page size as 12x4. 


When printing from the BarTender (10.1 SR4) software they work great! However, when printing through commander the labels only get printed as a single 6" label; the second "column" doesn't print, but it places the next 6" copy on the same 12" label.


The reason we want to do this is because if a partner needs to make a change on the label we don't want to have to make the change in two spots.




  • I need 3 12" wraps printed.
  • When I print from the BarTender software and specify that I want 3 copies I have 3 12" wraps print out and each of them has the correct template mirrored on the second have of the 12" label stock.
  • When I print through Commander I get 2 12" labels, but the last label has nothing printed on the second have of the label stock.
  • Essentially Commander is thinking that it is printing 3 6" labels and just scrunching them down...

How do I get commander to print the template correctly? 


I've attached images of my page setup to help explain what I'm trying to do.


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Hmm, for some reason the images are REALLY small no matter what file type I upload them as...