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i wanted to design the label in BT. generate the label in text file containing Sato Commands.
so i'm using sato printer fonts. during print i would select, print to file.
when i inspect the printed file. it containts more commands than expected. (please see the screenshot). 


how do i make the output more concise? 


also, how to change so the escape codes would be represented by "^"?


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Ian Cummings
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The commands are already in a terse/optimized format.  The other commands include page dimension setup, print quantity issue command, and command statement start/end delimiters.


To generate human readable control command codes, you should open up the printer driver properties, select the Tools tab, then (I think) the config menu button, and in there you should find an option to select to switch the type of control codes used.  I don't have a Sato driver installed right now, but you should find it easily enough.